I already started to get responses from students at the Université du Québec. How exciting! Will have to browse their various submissions to see who might be the best candidate, if any.

And then there’s the no small matter of whether or not they want to collaborate, do it for fun, or if they want to get paid, in which case it’s my show and I call the shots. If so, how much would it cost?

Spoke with the animation student from The Comic Book Shoppe. She might be interested. She asked me to send her the main details of the strip by email and she’ll get back to me.

Wow. It’s hopping. This may actually happen.


First leads

I already got answers from from a couple of department heads. I’m so used to people not responding to email that receiving such quick responses make me giddy.

The Université du Québec has asked me to fill a form so that it may be posted for the students there. Nice.

On the writing side of things, I realized that I needed to flesh out the characters so that they’re consistent from strip to strip, so I began to put together profiles for each of them.

Artiste recherché

The first feelers have been put out into the world. I sent emails to various schools and organizations today to see if they can hook me up with an artist who would be interested in this project.

I also got a lead from the staff at The Comic Book Shoppe about an animation student who works with them part-time. She might be interested, so they told me to call back when she’s working. Will do.

Let’s see if it produces anything.

On the writing side of things, I’ve pretty much settled on my cast of characters. I took inspiration from the most visible people on the Federal scene – or the portfolios that would play best.

Gathering pieces

So it didn’t work out with my friends. The one I wanted to work with the most, seeing as we’d had fun on strip in the past, is far too busy to be able to devote any time to such an endeavour. Oh pooh.

So I started looking for contact information to school programs whose students may be interested in this project. The Université du Québec has a program in bédé, so that could be a good place to start.

I’m also starting to read on the various types of crowdfunding that are out there, just in case I have to hire someone to do this. I can more or less afford it, but I’d rather not bankroll it all myself if I don’t have to.

Wow… I didn’t realize there were so many distinct crowdfunding sites, many with their own focuses. I’m really not sure where to begin, given that I know no one who’s done this before.

A spark

One day this week, I got up with the idea to create a comic strip satirizing the current Federal political scene.

For years, I kept hearing people say that our representatives behave worse than school children. I started to think that it might be fun to transpose the current players to a school and see how they play out in that context.

Started putting down ideas and they came fast and furious. I got to writing scripts in no time.

Loving it. This could be a blast.

Of course, this is all contingent on finding an artist to collaborate with, someone who has both the talent and interest in such a project. I have no idea where I’ll find that person, however; that’s by far the biggest hurdle.

I have a couple of friends in mind, but would they be interested? I guess I’ll check that out, because that would be my first choice: collaborating with someone I know and like, batting around that creative energy.

We’ll see.