Gathering pieces

So it didn’t work out with my friends. The one I wanted to work with the most, seeing as we’d had fun on strip in the past, is far too busy to be able to devote any time to such an endeavour. Oh pooh.

So I started looking for contact information to school programs whose students may be interested in this project. The Université du Québec has a program in bédé, so that could be a good place to start.

I’m also starting to read on the various types of crowdfunding that are out there, just in case I have to hire someone to do this. I can more or less afford it, but I’d rather not bankroll it all myself if I don’t have to.

Wow… I didn’t realize there were so many distinct crowdfunding sites, many with their own focuses. I’m really not sure where to begin, given that I know no one who’s done this before.


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