So I spent the weekend finessing the scripts, making them more consistent and trying to touch on various aspects that I want them to have.

I created a ten-point checklist to guide me through each strip. I can’t say that each will meet those criteria because I just don’t have the time.

But I’m trying.

I ran out of new ideas though. So I asked Steve to meet again, not just to pay him for his work thus far, but also to respark my energy. Being around creativity can do that.

I literally did nothing else all weekend. I scheduled intensive 35-minute bike rides both Saturday and Sunday to get air and exercise, but I did nothing else.

Well, I had meals. And short naps to recharge. I might have bathed. Maybe. Can’t remember, ’cause my brain is fried from all the head work theses days.

It’s coming along though. I will absolutely hit my target.