Second meeting and first draft

I had another meeting with Steve today. It was a bit less exciting because we were talking expenses and invoices. This is going to cost a bloody fortune to get done.

I expected it, but we don’t even have a first strip yet and the costs are climbing at a rapid rate. Not complaining, because it’s worth it – look at his work for proof.

The concern is more being able to manage this in the short time we’ve got. I can finance it, but my bank account will be obliterated afterwards. Kickstarter is the only way.

I don’t know if the blood drained out of my face, but Steve seemed concerned, so we talked about ways we can make this happen within a budget. And within our time frame.

It suddenly occurred to him that 31 strips by the end of August is quite a lot. He suddenly seemed uncertain, so I promised to send him what I’ve got so he can gauge the scope of the project.

All told, it was a sobering second meeting. Still hopeful and excited but between being drained from the intense last few weeks and our respective realizations, uncertainty crept in.

When I got home, I processed all my scripts from text to spreadsheet and then to PDF to make it easier on him. Tedious stuff, but at least he’s got the 31 strips to read.

Because, yes, over the weekend I started to whittle it down to 31 main ones and became satisfied with the result. So I’ve got something to work with at this point.

Thank goodness for that.

Sure, it’ll need some work and there are some things I know will change by the time I give him a revised and final script, but we’re 95% there. I need just a few more drops of inspiration.