Ready to roll

Steve sent in the revised version of the first strip yesterday. I fixed some font issues myself to save him the hassles, but it looks really good. REALLY good. And his timing couldn’t have been better, since I wanted it for the Kickstarter campaign.

I submitted our Kickstarter page in haste today, seeing as they say that review and approval might take up to three days. Since my goal is to go live on July 1st, I had no choice but to go ahead even though it could use more work.

Thankfully, I had the time to work on the page. I spent much of the day fine-tuning the details, adding art and reworking the texts. It’s actually starting to look half-decent. I’m not 100% satisfied, but I’m proud of it nonetheless.

Hopefully it’ll sell the project to potential investors.

In any event, Kickstarter approved it within seconds. So I must be doing something right. A good thing, too, because I would have freaked out if there were other hoops for me to jump through at this point. Man, they’re demanding…