Third meeting and Kickstarter

Steve and I met again today to discuss the status of ‘Beans’ and map out its development in the coming weeks.

I’m happy to report that he should have the first ten roughs by the end of the week, and the plan is for another ten more by the end of next week. A few clean strips will also be completed along the way. At that pace, we should be okay.

I also saw some of the thumbnails and roughs he’s been working on with my bare eyes (we usually collaborate via email). Damn, I wish I could draw so well with such ease. I’m a bit envious and gratified to be working with such talent.

On another note, I’ve been preparing for the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. A few people have already verbally committed to it, which is both touching and a relief. I really want it to be a success – and ideally enough so that we can produce free bonus strips.

We’ll know in 30 days. The Kickstarter campaign goes live soon – at 0:01 on July 1st.