Kickstarter page well under way

I have been working on the Kickstarter page like crazy and have sent a preview link to a few close friends for.  I got some great feedback and responses from them, so I think it’s coming along nicely.

I’ll change a few things, based on their input, but it’s shaping up nicely and we should be ready to go soon. Assuming I can jump through all of Kickstarter’s hoops, that is.


First rough

Exciting news: Steve’s sent in his first rough!

Beans 1 Rough

Oh yeah. This is going to be awesome! I had some suggestions to make but he’s totally on the right track. He’ll be sending in roughs for the next few strips shortly. but we really need to get the title/logo and header done since they’re integral to each strip.

We’re discussing possible fonts. I think it would be interesting to use different fonts for different characters, to better express their personalities. But maybe I’m getting too ambitious. After all, we may not have time for all these details. We’ll see.

On the Kickstarter front, I was able to get clarification that I can use a pre-paid credit card. Good. That saves me the hassle of getting a damned card. I don’t trust myself with one of those. Now I just have to go through the rest of the process and set up the campaign.


Last night, Steve submitted his first ideas for the header and logo, based on discussions we had yesterday and via email:

Header draft

Not sure about the logo, but then again I’m not 100% sure about the title either.

I’ve worked my way through a dozen titles and held on to a couple, but ‘Beans’ is the best of the lot. I like it, because it’s not as obvious as the others, and because it rolls off the tongue, but I’d hate for people to make an association with ‘Peanuts’ – which is what i think of immediately.

All this to say that, because I’m not 100% sure about the title so it doesn’t help to provide directions for the logo. At least the header is looking good; Steve’s headed in the right direction.

On another note, I’m having a devil of a time with Kickstarter. I couldn’t seem to get my email authorized and now I’ve found out you need a credit card to start a project. I’ve never had one, but I may have to. Urgh.

I’m trying to sort that out with them.

Second meeting and first draft

I had another meeting with Steve today. It was a bit less exciting because we were talking expenses and invoices. This is going to cost a bloody fortune to get done.

I expected it, but we don’t even have a first strip yet and the costs are climbing at a rapid rate. Not complaining, because it’s worth it – look at his work for proof.

The concern is more being able to manage this in the short time we’ve got. I can finance it, but my bank account will be obliterated afterwards. Kickstarter is the only way.

I don’t know if the blood drained out of my face, but Steve seemed concerned, so we talked about ways we can make this happen within a budget. And within our time frame.

It suddenly occurred to him that 31 strips by the end of August is quite a lot. He suddenly seemed uncertain, so I promised to send him what I’ve got so he can gauge the scope of the project.

All told, it was a sobering second meeting. Still hopeful and excited but between being drained from the intense last few weeks and our respective realizations, uncertainty crept in.

When I got home, I processed all my scripts from text to spreadsheet and then to PDF to make it easier on him. Tedious stuff, but at least he’s got the 31 strips to read.

Because, yes, over the weekend I started to whittle it down to 31 main ones and became satisfied with the result. So I’ve got something to work with at this point.

Thank goodness for that.

Sure, it’ll need some work and there are some things I know will change by the time I give him a revised and final script, but we’re 95% there. I need just a few more drops of inspiration.


So I spent the weekend finessing the scripts, making them more consistent and trying to touch on various aspects that I want them to have.

I created a ten-point checklist to guide me through each strip. I can’t say that each will meet those criteria because I just don’t have the time.

But I’m trying.

I ran out of new ideas though. So I asked Steve to meet again, not just to pay him for his work thus far, but also to respark my energy. Being around creativity can do that.

I literally did nothing else all weekend. I scheduled intensive 35-minute bike rides both Saturday and Sunday to get air and exercise, but I did nothing else.

Well, I had meals. And short naps to recharge. I might have bathed. Maybe. Can’t remember, ’cause my brain is fried from all the head work theses days.

It’s coming along though. I will absolutely hit my target.

Writer’s block

I’m at 38 strips now, but I can’t seem to plow beyond that number right now. The ideas are just not coming like they did the first couple of weeks.

So I’ve decided to go back and finesse the ones I’ve done already. I’ve purposely made no plans all weekend just to finish this strip, so it’s imperative that I use the time wisely.

I will have the set done by the week’s end. I will.

On top of working on what I’ve already got, I decided to spend some time trying to understand Kickstarter more. That’s an important piece of the puzzle now.

I looked at successful and less successful comic strip and comic book projects to get a sense of what works and what doesn’t. It’s hard to see; there are so many of them.