Two weeks in and with two weeks to go, we’re at 82%!!!



Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU! :):):)

It’s been a bit of a rough slog trying to sustain momentum, being the worst self-promoter ever, but people are coming through almost every time that I run out of juice.

Everyone is SO awesome!!! 🙂

It would be genius if we could exceed our goal so that we can get into producing bonus strips (one can always dream), but I think just achieving our goal will be victory a-plenty.

We’ve got 5 strip ready to go, and Steve is hard at work on the next ones right now. It’s a massive solo job for him, but he’s coming through.  He deserves every penny he’s earning.

On another note, I went postering yesterday and today, and I’m stunned to see how quickly they’re taken down.  I delude myself into thinking that people are taking them home and putting them on their walls.

Yeah, that must be it.  (I mean, why wouldn’t they, right?)

Anyway, the work continues. Hours and hours and hours a day, but with everyone’s continued support (both moral and financial) we’ll pull through and make ‘Beans’ happen.

Spread the word: ‘Beans’ is coming September 7th!!!