Teaser 4

As of tonight, we are at 97% on Kickstarter.

Amazing. Simply AMAZING. And with two weeks left to go, too!

It sure looks like this campaign will be a success, after all. Good thing too, because we’re moving ahead with production and it’s going to cost a-plenty. Although the KS campaign will help, it won’t cover all of it. So you have no idea how relieved we are that this will likely work out.


Steve has five strips pretty much ready to go and I saw the rough for the sixth one not even an hour ago. It’s looking really great. That he can pull it off given the time crunch is phenomenal. I think that everyone is going to be pleased with the end result. Well, with the art, at least. 😉

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

(which, in my case, means hours of harrassing people to convince them to help out :P)


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