Teaser 6 (small)We reached 100% on Kickstarter tonight!!!

I can’t thank everyone enough. This is AMAZEBALLS. To think that, a week ago, I was losing hope, my mind reeling on how to get the momentum going again. And then, suddenly, there it was, out of the blue.

Everyone’s been just absolutely fabulous. You’ve made fact out of fiction. You’ve made a real boy out of Pinocchio. ‘Beans’ is becoming as real as can be. It’s all thanks to your considerable devotion and efforts.

Thank you thank you thank you

And now for the Bonus Round (more on that tomorrow). First off, some much-needed sleep. It’s been a crazy last couple of weeks (and even crazier four weeks prior to that). I need to rest up for the next phase.

‘Beans’ is coming September 7th!!!

Pass it on!


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