Let’s Talk

Let's Talk

Let’s talk, shall we?

Maybe you’re thinking that we’re overdoing it with the Kickstarter campaign, that we’re pushing it by trying to go beyond the already substantial goal.

I would probably think the same, actually.

So let me clear up a few potential concerns or misunderstandings.

Fact: The 31-strip run of ‘Beans’ will cost more than twice the KS amount. A really good artist doesn’t come cheap, and it’s a lot of work.

Fact: We’ll be eating pretty lean for a while. The Kickstarter campaign allows us to make ‘Beans’ without going completely broke.

Fact: We don’t mind matching every KS dollar ourselves at all. That’s okay. This is too much fun and such a unique experience! 🙂

Fact: We’re absolutely not going to make any profit from this. We’ll be going in the red over it – in the short term. And that’s okay.

This is not about money, anyway.

You see, ‘Beans’ is a labour of love, something I felt compelled to do. I’m just having a really good time with it. And I hope that we manage to spread that around.

My days are consumed by it or thoughts of it.  I honestly believe that this is a great concept and that it holds a lot of future potential.

This arc is just the beginning; there’s so much backstory on ‘Beans’ that won’t make it into the first 31 strips. It would be phenomenal to explore it further.

But let’s wrap up this KS campaign successfully. Let’s publish these first strips and see what happens next. Who knows what’s in store next.

The road to ‘Beans’ is turning into a really exciting adventure. 🙂