One week to go!!!!

Teaser 9

We’re almost there! We’re nearly at the end of our Kickstarter campaign!


In the coming week, we need everyone who’s been on the fence to get off of it and help us in some fashion:

Trust us, you’ll be happy that you did; we’re producing excellent work and you’ll want to see it! 😉

If you can’t afford to back us, spread the word to people who can. The more people know about ‘Beans’, the better.

And the more fun we’ll have when it finally gets published.

Email your friends, post on your Facebook page (and on your friends’ pages), Tweet about it, let the whole world know.

You can also join the Beans Street Team, which has thus far hit Ottawa and Vancouver with our fancy promo posters.


What’s in it for you, you wonder (aside from getting some wicked ‘Beans’ strips)?

You want incentives? Well, we’ve got incentives for ya! You can read about some of them on our Beans BONUS Round post.

Do it! You know you want to! 🙂

With your help, ‘Beans’ is coming on September 7th!!!


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