The never-ending campaign begins. Or continues?

And so it begins

We’re coming for you.

Yes, you.

You, the media.

Now that the KS campaign is over, we can set our sights on promoting ‘Beans’ in the papers and on websites. It’ll be a long hard road since we have to start from scratch and with no experience, but it’s got to be done.

We put together our first press release and hit a few outlets today. We’d have done more but we can only research and collect so many email addresses. But we will continue and try to reach as far and wide as we possibly can.

Why today?

Because the election has been called.


Do we need an 11-week election campaign? No, we don’t. It’s overkill. It’s a massive waste of taxpayers’ money. But someone decided that blanket coverage for an unprecedented 78-day campaign was a good thing.


And so we start our own campaign, to spread the word of ‘Beans’.

Stevie is coming. President for life… or else.